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This chat is guest hosted by @DCCBenSnuggs @PSMDigital @Digital_DSgt @sallytvalley

Digital Investigation and Intelligence (DII) – @WeCops Pre-read for Wednesday 29th September 2021 at 9pm

Background to DII


The Policing Vision 2025 outlines the innovative and transformative objectives within law enforcement that are required to maintain current levels of service in today’s increasingly digital society. Central to realising the digital vision is the ability to develop a workforce that is able to respond to all crimes with the most up to date knowledge and skills to respond to demand in the most efficient, effective, proportional and ethical way possible. The Digital Policing Programme (which included DII) was originally set up in 2016 to meet these challenges. 

College DII

Our digital intelligence and investigation (DII) project delivers operationally focused learning resources that help policing to develop understanding and responses to crimes with a digital element.

A team of experts with backgrounds in the digital intelligence and investigation areas of policing, working with frontline police officers and staff to develop what they need to know, and turn those concepts into digital learning resources.

Since 2020, we have been awarded funding to create learning materials that support new and existing officers and staff. We have refined the programme to focus on developing digital skills for the recruitment of an additional 20,000 police officers in England and Wales (known as the 20k uplift programme), and other frontline roles.

  • We have delivered Operation Modify– an interactive learning programme designed to enhance digital skills in frontline and core policing in England and Wales.


 Created online resources and products which are available via College Learn(previously known as MLE and NCALT) and Knowledge Hub(opens an external website in the same tab)

  • And provided the Cyberdigitools App which is available on force issued android devices.


Local DII – Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Police


With shared Digital Strategy between both Forces this is our vision statement:

What DII means to us:


Digital Investigation and Intelligence is that vital link between the first response to a crime and the result being into the Criminal Justice process. What happens in between is hugely varied, constantly evolving and in some cases complex. So DII must be agile to adapt to the ever changing technology that threads through any crime. We live in a society that is becoming increasing more digital therefore we must enable policing to protect the public through preventing and detecting crime.


This will include:
  • Improving the knowledge and skills of frontline officers and staff to address digital crime. Giving our people common understanding, knowledge and skills relating to the collection, assessment and use of digital material to improve investigative outcomes at all levels
  • Ensuring the specialist capability to respond to areas such as cyber-crime and be able to continuously improve.
  • Building and maintaining capabilities in the fast moving digital environment such as common processes in the management of digital material and the tasking/use of digital intelligence resources.


Our Hosts


This @WeCops chat on Wednesday 29th September at 9pm has a plethora of excellent hosts!

DI Sally Russell – Thames Valley Police - Tweeting as @Sallytvalley

Reaching a milestone of 20 years’ service this year Sally has spent the majority of her career as a Detective, joining the Investigative Skills Department at the Force Training School in 2012. There she introduced the new College of Policing course; Mainstream Cyber Crime Training (MCCT) course and then established the role of Digital Media Investigator (DMI). Sally went on to become the DS DMI Coordinator and introduced a dedicated Cyber Crime Team. Demonstrating the vital role that digital plays in investigation Sally achieved promotion to Detective Inspector and became the new Digital Intelligence and Investigation (DII) DI leading Thames Valley with a brand new  DII team delivering dedicated DMI capability and bespoke Digital training.


DS Ben Cadd – Thames Valley Police - Tweeting as @Digital_DSgt

Ben has a background in digital forensics starting his career working in both police and private sector forensic teams. After joining the Police, he worked in both response and neighbourhood teams as well as Smarter Resolution, during which time was involved in a number of projects around staff welfare and wellbeing. Following achieving promotion to Sergeant, he managed a response and investigation team where he continued to assist his LPA with digital strategy, awareness and safeguarding.

Ben left the police in 2019 to work in the private sector in the fields of digital forensics and eDisclosure/eDiscovery. In January 2021, Ben rejoined TVP as the Detective Sergeant for the new Digital Investigation and Intelligence Team.


DC Maddie Debuse – Thames Valley Police - Tweeting as @MaddieTvp

Maddie has been a police officer for nearly 16 years starting at Thames Valley Police, then Surrey Police and then in January 2021 returned to Thames Valley Police. In her career she worked in various roles from response, neighbourhood, CID and SOCU. She is a detective who is a qualified Digital Media Investigator and a vehicle telematics spoc trained in Berla.  She is also interested in health and fitness and a fierce advocate for mental health and wellbeing. Maddie is a self-confessed nerd who is a keen video gamer, board gamer and Warhammer minis painter.

Sarra FotheringhamCollege of Policing - Tweeting as @PSMDigital

I am the Policing Standards Manager for Digital and Cyber at the College of Policing.  I have worked in law enforcement for 18 years in different capacities across local and national policing.  My currently portfolio includes digital intelligence and investigation for front line and specialist digital and cyber capabilities helping law enforcement to respond to the current and emerging digital opportunities.  I work with the Home Office, Police Digital Services, Forensic Capability Network and TRACER on a number of programmes developing and delivering skills, learning and knowledge to all law enforcement.   I also have responsibility for supporting national technology programmes to develop standards, guidance and training.  I am a Special Constable with Surrey Police which supports my understanding of frontline challenges and opportunities as well as being a Defuser to support colleagues process the impact of traumatic events.

DCC Ben Snuggs Hampshire Police - Tweeting as @DCCBenSnuggs


Ben was appointed Deputy Chief Constable in Hampshire Constabulary on 3 September 2021.


From, March 2020 to September 2021 he was Assistant Chief Constable Operations with portfolio responsibility for the Joint Operations Unit and Contact Management across Hampshire Constabulary and Thames Valley Police.

From January 2017 to March 2020 Ben was the Chief Officer responsible for Crime, Criminal Justice and Intelligence in Hampshire Constabulary. He passed the Senior Police National Assessment Centre in November 2017 and graduated from the Strategic Command Course in March 2018.

Ben chairs the national Forensic Information Database Services (FINDS) Strategy Board on behalf of the National Police Chief’s Council and as ACC for TVP and Hampshire chaired the Joint DII board across both forces. He is passionate about digital policing and improving our workforce’s digital knowledge and awareness.

Ben is a Strategic Firearms Commander, Counter Terrorism (CT) Commander and member of the national cadre of chief officers who assume overall tactical command for resolving CT incidents. Ben is the force lead for Cyber Crime, Digital Investigation and Intelligence. He is an accredited PIP4 investigator for the strategic management of complex cases, PIP3 Senior Investigating Officer with a background in major crime, serious and organised crime, public protection investigations and as a Hostage Negotiator Co-ordinator and Negotiator. He is a Public Order Public Safety Gold Commander and CBRNe Gold Commander.


Ben has worked as a Crime and Operations Superintendent and Divisional Crime Manager, managing reactive, pro-active criminal investigations, public protection and sex offender management. In 2009 he served in Afghanistan as a European Union Police Mission civilian police advisor to the Minister of the Interior.

Ben is a graduate of the FBI National Academy (session 246) and has a degree in Law and Criminology (LL.B) and a Masters Degree in Police Leadership and Management (MSc).

Ben is married to Alison and has two daughters. He is also a keen runner and sea kayaker and generally likes ‘the outdoors.’




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 #WeCops transcript

29 September 2021 21:00
Question 1 : Investigation With ‘digital’ impacting all crime types now what is the biggest barrier to conducting an effective investigation? #wecops https://t.co/702sjnw6Mf
29 September 2021 21:00
Here we go! First question.... #wecops https://twitter.com/WeCops/status/1443304576640327684
29 September 2021 21:01
@WeCops The time it takes to download evidence is the biggest barrier! #wecops
29 September 2021 21:01
#wecops Get involved people, what are the biggest barriers, in this digital age, when conducting an investigation? https://twitter.com/WeCops/status/1443304576640327684
29 September 2021 21:03
@WeCops The ability of specialist resources to keep pace with increasing demand #wecops
29 September 2021 21:03
@_the_blue_line_ @WeCops Do you mean digital forensics timescales? What about the time to review it? #wecops
29 September 2021 21:04
And we are off! Not joined in before? Answer the question, comment on it or others answers. Don’t forget the #WeCops (I hear the TVP team are very excited and even @DCCBenSnuggs has popped in!) https://twitter.com/wecops/status/1443304576640327684
29 September 2021 21:04
@RachelKearton Don’t forget the #wecops on every reply ma’am ??
29 September 2021 21:04
@WeCops Financial impact of ‘out-sourcing’. Eg: A mobile phone is now a pocket computer but yet it is treated like a £10 burner. This takes time and when the data is back you need the analytical tools to review it not just evidentially but think disclosure. #wecops
29 September 2021 21:04
@WeCops Too many to list! The volume of potential data is certainly up there, and the ability to understand and interpret this data. #wecops
29 September 2021 21:04
@WeCops The amount of officers trained to capture the digital evidence I.e downloading phones #wecops
29 September 2021 21:04
RT @kerrimonaghan1: And we are off! Not joined in before? Answer the question, comment on it or others answers. Don’t forget the #WeCops (I…
29 September 2021 21:04
@tiggeymay @WeCops Would be really interested to know more about the survey. #wecops
29 September 2021 21:05
@mike200hope @WeCops Do you mean specialist digital teams? If so I agree ! #wecops
29 September 2021 21:05
#wecops what type of specialist resource do you mean? Digital units / departments or devices / technology? https://twitter.com/mike200hope/status/1443305363999236102
29 September 2021 21:05
@WeCops Volume of data both getting it downloaded and the reviewing it properly. #Wecops
29 September 2021 21:05
@RachelKearton @WeCops I couldn't agree more. Especially with the size of files I can create during a cybercrime investigation. It is something I have raised a few times and apparently, they are working on it. #wecops
29 September 2021 21:05
@tiggeymay @WeCops #Wecops
29 September 2021 21:05
What about interpreting the material once it's downloaded...? #wecops https://twitter.com/_the_blue_line_/status/1443304940970160136
29 September 2021 21:05
@WeCops Not enough trained staff. Availability of IOT in almost every investigation with not enough trained staff, and lack of sufficient investment in back office functions, will/has created a backlog. Further, this area will continue to increase & so should training be embedded #wecops
29 September 2021 21:05
@WeCops Prompt onsite or in station facilities and trained people to capture is a huge barrier....almost immediately, many investigations lose their momentum. #WeCops
29 September 2021 21:05
#wecops I agree that the more you know, the better you will be able to cope with change / demand, but do you think that specialist units / departments are still worthwhile? https://twitter.com/WecopsCaroline/status/1443305499626192910
29 September 2021 21:05
@WeCops I know ?? there's always one! #wecops
29 September 2021 21:06
@WeCops The key issue is recognising that all investigations are now digital investigations and that this is no longer a specialist domain but a core competency. #DII #wecops
29 September 2021 21:06
#WeCops ooooops!!! Knew I should finish bake-off first!! ????? https://twitter.com/wecopscaroline/status/1443305499626192910
29 September 2021 21:06