We Tweetchat every couple of weeks on a Wednesday at 9pm via #WeCops and everybody is welcome to join and add value. 

The @WeCops account is run by several volunteers with a variety of experience from a range of roles and are completely indepentent from any policing or any other body.

We see our role as providing a professional space to role model discussions between peers to support the exchange of best practice resulting in delivery of exclent policing. 

Outside of structured TweetChat times you'll see us engaging and supporting engagment on Twitter with the tweeting cops community.

If you've any questions please send us a tweet to @WeCops

The @WeCops Team

Kevin Purcell
Kevin is an officer with West Mercia Police.  He is a Chief Superintendent and currently the Policing lead for the North of West Mercia Police which covers the Policng Areas of Shropshire and Telford. Before which he has been the Superintendent Policing Commander at various times for the South Worcestershire, North Worcestershire and Herefordshire.

He was a Superintendent for over eight years. 

In his previous roles he has carried the role of Senior Investigating Officer for murders, kidnaps, covert operations and investigations into serious and organised crime groups.

In recent times Kevin has completed a three year part-time Masters Degree in Business Administration.

Kevin is the West Mercia and Warwickshire Alliance lead for Citizens in Policing, Neighbourhood Policing, Youth Engagement and Police Cadets. 

Kevin considers that we are in the most interesting, challenging and exciting time in policing history. Against this backdrop he has been interested in the power of media and social media both for the purpose of accountability and engagement.

Kevin was for some time interested in creating an on line discussion forum for the police family to discuss issues and learn from each other. This finally led to him creating @WeCops, this mirroring the work of Teresa Chinn MBE and the WeCommunities.  He has enjoyed linking up with the other team members who have collectively turned an exciting idea into reality.    

Kevin tweets as @CSuptKevPurcell

Gareth Stubbs
Gareth is a serving police officer in Lancashire, working as an Insp in Organisational Development. After a decade of frontline policing, he recently took a secondment at the College of Policing, where he took part in the Leadership Review. Gareth is a great advocate of social media and a Twitter addict. He's passionate about change for the right reasons and has for many years tried to start open debate on the thornier issues in policing. Gareth believes in fairness and the potential for people to grow, no matter where the starting line is. He wants to work on WeCops because it's a great opportunity to meet new people across policing and other sectors, and create connections between people that care.

Gareth tweets as @DedicatedPeeler

Emma Williams
Emma is the programme director for the Policing (in service) BSc and the MSc by research in Policing at Canterbury Christ Church University. Previously Emma worked in the Metropolitan Police Service for 11 years as a principal researcher conducting evaluations and reviews on a number of different policing issues. Emma is currently completing her PhD at London Southbank University on the investigation of rape.

Emma tweets as @EmWilliamsCCCU

Dan Reynolds
Dan is a serving officer in Cheshire, currently working as a Force Incident Manager. He has almost a decade of frontline policing experience and has worked with the College of Policing. Prior to this he spent time on secondment with the Philippine National Police so has an appreciation for policing in different environments. Dan is an advocate of using social media and WeCops as a great way for getting people together and putting the challenges facing modern policing into open discussion.

Dan tweets as @DannoReynolds

Caroline Hay

Caroline is a founding member of the Wecops team!
She joined the Metropolitan Police at the age of 20 and has mainly completed the roles of response and neighbourhoods. Her favourite job is driving the area car, responding to emergencies and securing ‘the golden hour.’
In 2015, Caroline took part in the BBC documentary ‘The Met.’
Caroline went on to join Lambeth as a Sergeant on Neighbourhoods. Through this role, she has understood the importance of social media and what it offers the public and the police. The sharing of information and ideas is key.

Caroline is currently on Mat Leave after having her 3rd (and last!!) child.  She has moved to MPS Barnet to be closer to home.

Twitter and the team at Wecops has been responsible for Caroline now studying a Policing in Service BSc honours degree at Canterbury University. 2nd year nearly complete!

Caroline tweets as @WeCopsCaroline


Chris Excell

Chris is an officer with the Met Police. He currently serves as a Temporary Patrol Sergeant in Lambeth.

 He has spent most of his service working Pan-London with London’s Operational Support Unit (TSG). He served on ‘The Group’ during the 2011 Riots and was first responder to the Apollo Theatre collapse (2012). More recently, he was also a first responder to the Westminster Terror Attack (2017).Chris was a ‘Police Now’ Syndicate Lead for Cohorts 1 and 2, responsible for the training and development of trainee officers on the pioneering programme. Chris is heavily involved in voluntary work to support the families and colleagues of officers killed in the course of their duties. He is slowly building a network of officers across the UK who are likeminded and willing to assist with short notice ceremonial duties and pushing the importance of the cause within their home forces.

Chris believes very much in looking after and protecting the team. It comes from both a military and sports background. He joins us at WeCops out of a desire to get more people involved in nurturing and improving our profession. Twitter allows us to do just that. 

Chris tweets as @ConstableXL

Dan Hayes


Dan is a serving officer with Lancashire Constabulary. He is currently a Neighbourhood Policing Sergeant covering Preston City Centre.


Dan has been a Police Officer for 10 years and served in the Special Constabulary prior to this. Before joining as a Police Officer, Dan completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Police and Criminal Investigation at University of Central Lancashire, he has since completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Evidence Based Policing and is hoping to progress to a Masters Degree in the near future. For Dan, academic study is about increasing knowledge but more importantly, sharing this knowledge to help us work through increasing complexity in policing – supporting each other to get the job done. WeCops and Social Media are a great way to do this.


Dan is part of the College of Policing Fast Track (PC to Inspector) programme; he states his motivation for applying for this programme is to be able to have the privilege of working with a large range of people inside and outside policing, helping people to get the most out of themselves and feel proud for what we do.

Dan tweets as @D_MHayes

Steph Lawrence

Pc Steph Lawrence has been a police officer for twelve years in the south west region, working in a variety of different frontline roles from response policing, neighbourhood policing & crime investigation. She was appointed as the county police hate crime coordinator. In 2016 & is very passionate about this aspect of policing & engagement. Prior to joining the police Steph worked as a prison officer at HMP & has also worked for the NHS nursing on an acute surgical ward; thus bringing a total frontline public service of 23 years. 

Steph Tweets as @Pc_lawrence


Coordinators: @CSuptKevPurcell, @WecopsCaroline, @ConstableXL, @EmWilliamsCCCU, @DannoReynolds, @DedicatedPeeler, @pc_lawrence, @D_MHayes
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